Papaya Global

SaaS Web Based App

Papaya is the first marketplace of global suppliers that offers a fully transparent, painless & automated experience for employers to manage their contingent workforce.

A Global Marketplace


We were asked to create a web-based admin platform that could be easily scalable, adding features and functions to become an extended marketplace for global employers, suppliers, and workers.

Papaya platform features
Papaya screens

Amazing team and super talented! From the first moment, it felt they are truly committed to our success.
Ruben Drong
CPO – Papaya Global

Building a Foundation

UX/UI Design

For a large-scale platform, consistency is key. We made an atomic structure of elements and rules to allow users to quickly get comfortable using Papaya. Clear typography and color communicate meaning and cooperate to give subtle instruction throughout the platform.

Papaya UI styleguide

Papaya Global's core target is HR managers and accountants who are looking for well organized layouts and clearly displayed data. We took this into account when creating responsive tables and a navigation that not only felt natural and intuitive, but fit into these user's daily work routine.

Papaya layout structure

Elements like project or worker's status, titles, actionable elements (links or buttons), comments, etc. all have specific stylings that signal to users their purpose in the platform.

Papaya UI cards design
Papaya UI library elements

With over 100+ screens designed, Papaya can manage complex items such as projects, workers, suppliers, invoices, payments, and reports to name a few. Screens were assembled with specific elements to accomplish user tasks and cater to their professional needs.

Papaya screen designs

Let's See it in Action


Visual Enhancements


We provided illustrations to communicate instructions in a friendly way that further enhanced the Papaya brand with their customers.

Papaya illustrations

Curated Library


Pictures from over 100 countries and regions were selected to be used as cover images matching projects with their locations.

Papaya country images

A Living, Breathing Community


Building such a robust platform that allows for a community to grow within was a major task, but gave major rewards. We currently work to shape Papaya into a tool that is essential for conducting business in multiple nations. By listening to user feedback, we strive to make Papaya a defining product that effectively disrupts the global HR industry.

Papaya iPhone mockup

In addition to the admin platform, we designed and developed a searchable supplier marketplace and a compliance research tool called CountryPedia. Both act as extensions to Papaya and assist customers in finding suppliers in the area they look to employ staff as well as research taxes, laws and regulations. If you'd like to learn more, please visit the Papaya Global website.