Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Why would you want to have a website and it’s not visible or have content that doesn’t reach the intended viewer? There are so many websites that don’t end up in front of the intended viewers, and the reason is- they are not optimized. We have a team of SEO experts who will help your small business generate more leads, revenue, online appointments, and such. We’ve been in business for years now and with a solid track record in B2C and B2B.

Our SEO services include local and national SEO, keyword research, link building, strategy development, competitive analysis, content production/ marketing, and reporting.

Local SEO

Local SEO is such an essential aspect of every small company, and with the right strategy, it offers excellent opportunities for success. Research has proved that millions of shoppers have moved to online shopping in the last few years, and therefore businesses have a greater chance than ever before to be found through organic searches.

It is also true that almost a third of all online searches have a local intent to a solution. It’s either someone looking for a restaurant, a clinic, some car repair services, among others. 

Small business SEO

Small business SEO is a challenge to many companies. There are competitors with deeper SEO campaign budgets. Worse still, your budget may be limited so that specific high-value keywords are out of reach, and you’re not even sure whether your investment will pay off.

With the above challenges, we have a way out for you. We understand the right strategies that will lead to your success. Following are some SEO options that we consider;

We focus on long-tail keywords.

A small business with stretched budgets needs less volume and less competitive keywords. We always ensure that the targeted keywords are relevant with a high degree of buying intent.

A small start

Optimizing a multitude of products may be confusing and expensive. So we shift our focus on the highly profitable product or service. The revenues generated out of the campaigns can be utilized to expand to the other products or services.

Leverage on expertise

You may be a business owner who is excellent in their writing skills. With such skills, you can write content for your site and publication to other sites. That enhances your visibility through link-building.

E-commerce SEO services

E-commerce SEO services cover much more than what is offered by lead generation websites. They’ve large product catalogs, lots of WebPages to optimize, duplicate content issues to deal with, poor URL structure, and sometimes flawed product category strategy.

We’re an e-commerce SEO agency adept at strategic planning and with experts in different SEO disciplines. Our team also has strong campaign management skills that will help drive numbers to your site. 
Here are a few e-commerce SEO campaign elements that we focus on;

Product categorization

This involves a few tweaks to the site and even a complete overhaul where need be. And a sound strategy prioritizes Google pages to enable SERPS to distinguish the less important from the overly essential pages.

Keyword research

This is an extensive and continuous process that involves researching for value and strategic keywords in high volume. That ensures that your site captures from increased traffic and thus increasing the conversion rate.

Organic traffic from SEO will take time to build up, but with the right strategies, it pays for a long time. You only need to have the right SEO team like Perfection Creative Digital solutions to create winning SEO campaign strategies with month-on-month execution.

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