Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Every business owner’s burning desire is to reach out to your target market, and the best way to do this is through social media. This platform allows you to reach out to your prospects as they socialize. Thus you win them through relationships. Audience engagement on social media is what measures the success of social media in marketing. For better penetration, your business should ensure constant engagement across the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As a social media strategy, you should also publish engaging content, which should motivate the followers to visit your pages and learn more about your services or products.

Once followers have understood the brand message, it is easy for you to convert them.

Perfection Pk social media management strategy

Dedicated manager

Once you’ve chosen our services, you’re immediately assigned an account manager who’s dedicated to your project. This is your point of contact for daily, weekly, and bi-monthly correspondences. When you’ve requested edits or any other, the accounts manager can respond to you and give solutions. They involve the graphic designers and the social media team to ensure you’re satisfied. Our accounts managers pride in being proactive and delivering beyond expectations, and therefore when working with them, you can expect new ideas and innovations.

A brand strategy workshop

For the success of any business, branding is an essential ingredient. Branding tells your customers and prospects who you are, what to expect from you, and what distinguishes you from your competitors. We pour your identity into social media creativity, thus producing concepts that resonate with your audience and make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Social media analysis

After we have laid out a brand strategy, the next step is analyzing your social media landscape. This includes web traffic metrics, trend discovery, hashtag research, reputation analysis, among many other parameters. Your assigned accounts manager will develop a comprehensive report for your target audience, and thus we’ve got a clear picture of who the ideal audience is for your brand. That also helps us know the type of content’ visual and copywriting that would best fit them. If your business is already on social media, our team of experts will analyze to find out what has worked before and what has not.

Content development

After the social media analysis, we know what your business needs; the content and design. Our graphic designers are dedicated to creating visuals for social media engagement with a great team of video and photographers. We seek to improve the existing content and create a new one that will lead to better engagement and covey business messages.

We’ve a content posting calendar.

Out content team works best with a posting calendar. We ensure that we have marked dates on when to post content, which will help in better engagement. As the business owner, you’ve an opportunity to give your input before the next posting. Thus, whatever you post is approved by your management team and thus ensuring better representation.

Social media advertising

Once we’ve everything set, we zero into audience engagement, and this we do through our team of social media marketing experts. They ensure that the content gets to the target audience in the best way possible, launch campaigns, and increase engagement.

Our work

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